​Use​ ​of​ ​the​ ​codes​ ​to​ ​enter​ ​the​ ​property​ ​below​ ​​ ​indicates​ ​that​ ​​ ​you​ ​have​ ​read or will read
​this​ ​​ ​Rental​ ​Agreement​ ​before​ ​your​ ​arrival date ​and​ ​that​ ​you​ ​agree​ ​to​ ​all​ ​and​ ​will​ ​ask ​for clarification​ ​of​ ​any​ ​part​ ​that​ ​is​ ​unclear​ ​to you.​ ​​ ​
Reservation #:
Condo Name and Number:
Total Number of Guests over age 25:
Age range of other guests in # ***: Number of guests allowed in this floor plan or for this reservation:
ARRIVING: , 2017 at 4:00 p.m. CENTRAL TIME or later.
LEAVING: , 2017 at 10:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME or earlier.
Email address:
Phone Number:

This confirms receipt of your nonrefundable deposit, or /balance due, or refundable damage deposit
due in the
At the: Sunbird Condominiums, 9850 South Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL

RATE: $____________ including tax and cleaning. NOT INCLUDED: A $21.30 parking pass (only one
parking pass per condo is allowed) and $2.13 for wrist bands, both good for your entire stay
that you will need to purchase from the on-site homeowner’s office (located left of the center pool)
after arrival.

BALANCE of $__________ is due on or before ___________ 2017. You will be sent a payment link
for the
balance on or before ___________, 2017. If there is a card on file that you’d like to
use that for the balance, let us know by email, text or voice mail before the due date and we will
send you a payment link.

A $150.00 refundable damage deposit is required no later than the day before arrival. We will send a payment link to you for that amount; or, If you have a card on file,we will put a hold for the $150 and release the hold after checkout once the housekeeper clears for damage. The Arrival Information will be emailed to you the day before arrival if the refundable damage deposit has been paid.

1. Any purposeful or avoidable damage.
2. More guests than reported, reserving party being under age 25, the number of guests under age 25 not reported.
3. Leaving the property in a state that will cause more than the normal amount of time for the housekeeper to clean.
5. Leaving patio doors or windows open during stay or on check-out day. This causes the a/c to freeze and a service call.
6. Missing or damage towels or bedding. Please use make-up removal wipes for make-up and not the wash cloths or towels. Please use the towels only for shower/bath.
7. Late check-out that causes waiting time for the housekeeper.
8. You agree that any intentional or damage by negligence to the inside contents of the condominium which includes broken items, damaged items, missing items (including missing or misuse of towels or bedding)

AIR CONDITIONING: Running the "fan" constantly is not necessary, wasteful, and could cause the a/c to not cool properly. You can adjust the "temperature" to a comfortable setting, but set it to 75 on your last day.
PATIO DOORS: If you leave the patio doors with the a/c running, it will cause the the a/c to shut down and if a service call is needed to restart it, you will be billed for that amount.
ON YOUR LAST DAY:Please do the following: 1. Bring all trash out to trash chute (across from the elevator). 2. Load the dishwasher with detergent and dishes and all cookware, etc. and start it. 3. If you used the sofa sleeper, leave it open and unfolded on your last day. 4.. PLEASE DO NOT leave anything (sheets/towels, etc) in the bathtub, but rather on a dry spot on the floor by the entry for the cleaners.
6. LOCKBOXES: Most doors have keypads to unlock the door. If you are in one one of the two that uses a lock box for the key to get in, BE SURE and leave that key the lockbox on the last day so the housekeeper can get in. If for some reason you cannot get the lockbox to open or you lost the key,, call me at 850 814 9382 or the housekeeper. There will be a charge if the key is not left in the lockbox and we are not notified. If you had keypad entry, just close the door behind you.
KEYPAD DOOR LOCK: To lock the door when you are inside, the inside lever must be in the normal "horizontal" position. In the "vertical" position, the door does not lock automatically. 7. You do not have to do the laundry or clean the condo, but you are expected to keep it clean and leave it in a neat and clean condition so it does not take the cleaner an extra amount of time to prepare it for the next guest. If it is unreasonably dirty, you will be billed the extra cleaning hours.
MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT to reserve and be responsible for the property is normally 25 and
sometimes more, depending on the time of year. We do not allow student groups. Reserving with
false information will result in eviction with no refund of deposits or rent.
Sub-letting is not allowed (reserving for someone else to use property). Reserving and sending
someone else in your place is not allowed. Reservations made under false pretense will be subject to eviction, forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and rent.

If there is an official evacuation of the beach due to a hurricane during your stay, you will have the option to be refunded for the nights lost, or given that many nights toward a future stay in the same condo.

1. NO SMOKING or illegal drugs allowed in the condo or condo grounds. Be prepared to be billed if housekeeper detects cigarette odor, ashes, ashtrays or other evidence of smoking.
2. NO PETS are allowed in the condo. Be prepared to be billed if evidence of a pet is noted by the housekeeper – pet hair, urine stains or smells.

TOWELS/SHEETS: The housekeeper leaves the following:
1. One set of clean sheets on the bed.
2. An extra set left in the closet or drawer for the sofa sleeper.
2. Four bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 washcloths and a bath mat.
3. For the kitchen, one dish cloth, one dish towel.
4. One-day starter supply of toilet paper,paper towels, dishwasher detergent, trash can liners, bar soap.
So you will need to bring any extra supplies you feel you will need during your stay, or plan to shop after arrival. You are not expected to thoroughly clean the condo when you leave or do the laundry, but it should be left in a neat and clean condition that does not require more than the ordinary time and duties of the housekeeper.

There is a Laundromat on the ground floor across from the elevator.

IF MORE THAN 3 WEEKS NOTICE OF CANCELLATION, the $75 nonrefundable deposit is withheld (except for monthly/snowbird rentals which have a different cancellation policy). For three-weekS or less cancellation, you have the following options:
1. You can reschedule for a different date as long as it’s in the same owner’s condo. no more than a year from your original arrival date.
2. It is allowable to give it to someone as a gift, as long as they meet the age requirements and agree to the same rental agreement terms. I will need their contact information , etc. and will send them a new rental agreement. Must be used within a year from the original arrival date.

PLEASE NOTE that you are not renting from the Homeowner’s Office or from the Homeowner’s Association Office, so please contact me with any questions or problems. The only exception would be an emergency or security issue at Sunbird for which you would contact Sunbird Security (phone number posted by first floor elevators, the Police, or Fire Department.

1. You will need to stop in at the Homeowner’s Association Office (located left of the center pool) after arrival to purchase a parking pass for $21.30 and wrist bands at $2.13/each which are good for your entire stay (monthly/winter rentals policy may be different). ONE CAR ALLOWED PER RESERVATION/CONDO WRIST BANDS: Check your reservation for the number of guests allowed in the floor plan you reserved. Please note that the person purchasing the passes and wrist bands must be the person reserving, responsible for damage and behavior, and over age 25.
2. The homeowner’s office is open normally between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and variable hours on the weekends.

IF YOU ARRIVE AFTE THE HOA OFFICE IS CLOSED, , leave a note on the dash of your car with your name, date/time of arrival, which condo you are in, your cell phone number, and stating that you will purchase your parking pass when the homeowner’s office opens the next day so you will not be towed.

Lucy Massey
Cell/Text: 850-814-9382br> Home: 850-785-5909
Panama City Gulf-Front Vacation Rentals