Frequently Asked Questions

What is Check in and Check out time?

Check in time is 4 pm (Central Standard Time). Check out time 10 am (Central Standard Time).

What is included in the rate?

The rate includes tax and cleaning. NOT INCLUDED: A $21.30 parking pass (only one parking pass per condo is allowed) and $2.13 for wristbands, both good for your entire stay that you will need to purchase from the on-site homeowner’s office (located left of the center pool) after arrival.

How many parking passes are allowed?

There is only one parking pass allowed per condo. The public parking ramp a few blocks west of Sunbird . It's located at Churchwell St and Front Beach Road.

What is the minimum age to reserve the condo?

Reserving person must be over 25 years age. We do not allow student groups. Reserving with false information will result in eviction with no refund of deposits or rent.
Sub-letting is not allowed (Reserving for someone else to use property). Reserving and sending someone else in your place is not allowed.
Reservations made under false pretense will be subject to eviction, forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and rent.

What is the Cancelation Policy?

If cancelling more than 3 weeks (21 days) before your arrival date, the $75 nonrefundable deposit is withheld (except for monthly/snowbird rentals that have a different cancellation policy).
If cancelling less than 3 weeks (21 days) before your arrival date, there is no refund and we rebook the dates and you can reschedule new dates if it’s in the same owner’s condo and within three months from the date you cancelled.

What is the Hurricane Policy?

If there is a Mandatory evacuation of the beach due to a hurricane during your stay, you will have the option to be refunded for the nights lost (not including the $75 nonrefundable deposit), or given that many nights toward a future stay of rent.

What can cause loss of Refundable Damage Deposit?

2 More guests than reported, reserving party being under age 25, the number of guests under age 25 not reported.
3 .Leaving the property in a state that will cause more than the normal amount of time for the housekeeper to clean.
5. Leaving patio doors or windows open during stay or on check-out day. This causes the a/c to freeze and a service call.
6. Missing towels or bedding.
7. Late check-out that causes waiting time for the housekeeper.
8. Illegal drugs used or in your possession (including any form of marijuana) by you or any of your guests will result in immediate eviction and loss of all funds.
9. Any smoking of any type is prohibited including vapor or electronic cigarettes.

What do I need to do upon arrival?

You will need to stop in at the Homeowner’s Association Office (located left of the center pool) after arrival to purchase a parking pass for $21.30 and wrist bands at $2.13/each which are good for your entire stay (monthly/winter rentals policy may be different).
Be aware that the Homeowner’s Office will allow only one parking pass per reservation and will sell only the amount of wrist bands depending on the floor plan you are reserving.
Check your reservation for the number of guests allowed in the floor plan you reserved.
Please note that the person purchasing the passes and wristbands must be the person reserving, responsible, and over age 25.
Report any damage within 12 hours upon arrival. If not reported you could be held responsible for the damage.

What do I need to do when I leave?

1. Bring all trash out to trash chute.
2. Load dishes, and start the dishwasher.
3. If you used the sofa sleeper, leave it open and unfolded on your last day the housekeepers. Leave the sheets and other bedding on the sofa sleeper.
4. Leave the sheets and all bedding in all the beds and the housekeeping crew will take care of them.
6. You do not have to thoroughly clean the condo, but you are expected to keep it clean and leave it in a neat and clean condition.
7. Leave A/C thermostat at 75 or higher when you depart on your last day.

Are pets allowed in the condo?

NO PETS are allowed in the condo. Be prepared to be billed if evidence of a pet is noted by the housekeeper – pet hair, urine stains or smells.

What does the housekeeper leave?

1. One set of clean sheets on the bed and one set of clean sheets for the sofa sleeper.
2. 4 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and a bath mat.
3. For the kitchen, 1 dish cloth, 1 dish towel.
4. One-day supply of toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, trash can liners, bar soap. You will need to bring the amount of supplies you feel you will need during your stay, or plan to shop after arrival. You are not expected to thoroughly clean the condo you leave or do the laundry, but it should be left in a neat and clean condition that does not require more than the ordinary time and duties of the housekeeper.

What do I do if I arrive after the homeowner’s office is closed?

If you arrive after the Homeowner’s office is closed, leave a note on the dash of your car with your name, date and time of arrival, which condo you are in, and your cell phone number, and state that you will purchase your parking pass when the homeowner’s office opens.

When is the homeowner’s office open?

The homeowner’s office is open normally between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and variable hours on the weekends.

When is the Refundable Damage Deposit due?

A $150.00 refundable damage deposit is required the day before arrival. We will send a payment link to you for that amount if no card on file. If you have a card on file we automatically will put a hold for the $150.00 the day before arrival and release the hold after checkout once the housekeeper clears for damage.

When is the arrival day information sent to me?

The Sunbird gate code, WIFI log-in, and fitness room codes will be sent the day before arrival once your refundable damage deposit has been received. However, the door code will not be sent until 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival by text, email, or phone arrival. Please do not go up to the unit until you receive the door code.

When is the balance for the condo due?

The Balance is due in full 3 weeks before arrival. If booked within 3 weeks the full balance is due at time of booking. If you would like a link before the due date let us know by email, text or voice mail and we can send it early.
If there is a card on file that you’d like to use that for the balance, let us know by email, text or voice mail before the due date.

What is due at time of booking?

A nonrefundable $75 deposit is required to reserve the condo with the balance due no later than 3 weeks before your arrival date.

How can I pay the balance for the condo?

All payments must be made by credit or debit card. Either by payment link through our PayPal account or we can charge a credit or debit card. No Checks or Money orders.

Can I make payments on my condo?

Yes you can make payments on the balance of the condo. The balance must be paid in full before the due date. If you would like to make payments please let us know at the time of booking.

How many people does the condo sleep?

A Units - Up to 5 Guests allowed
. B Units - Up to 4 Guests allowed
C Units - Up to 4 Guests allowed

Does the unit have an ocean view?

Yes all Sunbird condos have ocean views. The view vary from floor plan to floor plan so please view the pictures on the website as that shows exactly what the view is.